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If you are just starting out on your search to select the best dance school for your child, we know you have a lot of questions. We have compiled a list of common questions we have been asked by parents and students over the years.


  What can dance do for my child?
  Dance is a form of art that can become a lifelong passion. The impression that art makes on a child can last a life-time, no matter if a dancer continues professionally or simply becomes a Dance Enthusiast! Early childhood movement education is directly attributed to developing neurological pathways in students and promoting reading readiness. Children who have participated in movement education activities have longer attention spans, communication skills, general problem – solving skills, and improved self-esteem. “For every $1 spent on children’s recreational activities, society saves $4.78 in costs of remedial education, welfare, and crime prevention.” (Federal Committee for Economic Development, 1998).


  What makes Synrgy different from other Dance Schools?

  We strive to offer the highest quality of training in a variety of dance styles for the widest range of student population. Our dance classes are created to meet the needs of students who enjoy dancing as a hobby as well as those who have professional aspirations. We desire to expose as many children as possible to the world of dance and encourage inclusiveness and diversity in our Synrgy family.

  Can I take a free trial class before I register?

  Yes!  We offer free trial classes before registering!  And we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this offer. It is important to us to find the best class and instructor for your child. We promise to do everything we can to facilitate the best fit for every student.


  What is the benefit from the length of a Dance Season?

  There are specific benefits to a nine / ten month (depending on the school year) commitment that cannot be achieved in an short term sport or activity. Our dance season length allows the child to learn early in life, remain focused, learn patience, self- discipline, and finally to appreciate the end results. These skills are necessary later in life for college, work, family, etc.

  What qualifications do your instructors have?

   We are proud to offer an extensive faculty of highly-qualified and caring teachers in the field of dance. Our instructors possess an extensive diversified curriculum through their education and training. Many of our teachers have trained under several prominent historical dancers since childhood, toured professionally, performed with music artists, on Broadway, cast members in theme parks etc…

  What is the age range to participate at  your studio?

  We love to see students ranging from ages 2–18 dance! Generally, for those who are passionate and serious enough to build a career in dance, we suggest you start early. However, anyone is welcome at any stage of their development to explore the world of dance. We also offer adult dance classes for those who are interested in trying something new.


  How large are the classes?

  Class sizes are limited to allow each student individualized attention. An instructor will generally have up to 15 students in class. Our instructors are also sometimes assisted by a teaching assistant.


  How many classes does a recreational student  typically take?
  Recreational students typically take 1 class per week, however students are encouraged to take up to 3 classes a year in other genres (styles) that we provide at the studio.

  How do I register my child for the current or upcoming dance year?

  You can register at any time.  Simply call, email or stop by and our staff will ably assist you in filling out the appropriate materials.  However, the earlier the better as our curriculum is best applied over the full year term.


  When do I need to register by for the upcoming season?

  We strongly recommend registering as early as August or September as our more popular classes fill up fast! Several of our most sought after teachers and styles are in demand and draw many students.


  How are class placements determined ? / How will I know  if my child is ready to move on to a different class?
We treat every student as an individual. This means that each student’s class placement is decided based on their age and ability. Proper class placement is a priority at Synrgy Dance ATL, LLC, and we will relocate a student if the student’s skill and progress dictates doing so. Our staff continually monitors each student’s class placement to make sure everyone is in a class where they will be comfortable, appropriately challenged, and motivated to learn.

  Can my child be in the same dance class as their friend?

  Our students are encouraged to share dance with their friends during our annual Bring-A-Friend Spirit Week. However, class placement is based in age and experience so we can’t always guarantee your child and their friends will be in the same class. It would be unfair to expect beginning students to execute elements the class has already mastered and, in the same respect, to slow the rate of progression for the remainder of the class so students can catch up.

  My son has shown an interest in dance. What classes are available for boys?

  Boys love to dance too! Our dance studio is open to anyone and all activities and themes are designed for both genders. Boys can choose ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theater starting at any age. Our dance instructors are attentive and can easily modify movements in choreography to make sure our male dancers receive the proper dance training they need for every style of dance.


  Do you have a recital or concert at the end of the year?

  Yes. Our studio term runs concurrently with the regularly scheduled school year (August – June) and culminates in an end-of-the-year recital showcasing your child’s hard work and talents! This provides both a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family and builds on self-esteem and confidence!

  Does my child need to audition to take classes?

  No, we do not require an audition to dance.  However, we recommend consulting with our owner/director or staff of qualified teachers to assess your child’s abilities to ensure proper placement for effective training.


  Can I watch my child in class?

  We encourage you to witness your child’s progress through our observation doors. Each of our studios is equipped with such access and allows you to peak in on your child without interrupting their flow and concentration! We also open our doors for Parent Observation Week, where you will have an opportunity to sit in on your child’s classes to observe their progress at the end of each month. This format provides a safe environment for the students to feel comfortable learning the elements along with the opportunity to perform them with confidence. Feel free to take pictures, videos and even record notes as our instructors are going through class.

 What happens if a student misses a class?

  We encourage consistency and dedication to maximize your child’s learning experience. However, sometimes students miss classes for a variety of reasons.  It happens and, we understand. That is why we offer makeup classes for time missed. Simply, peruse our schedule for a comparable substitute class and we will make accommodations.



What is your attendance policy regarding children exhibiting possible flu symptoms?

  • If your child is experiencing any allergy or flu like symptoms, please follow these steps

  1. Call our studio office to inform our office manager about your child’s current health situation.

  2. Arrange / Schedule a make-up session with their instructor.


  • Children with a fever over 100.0 degrees or higher, or are showing flu-like symptoms (cough, sore throat, dizziness, aches, or chills MUST STAY HOME to recover.

  • Children may only return to the studio after their symptoms have cleared (48 hours) with the aid of acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (motrin).


  What method of payment is accepted?

  We accept payment by check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover).  We process monthly tuition payments using automatic withdrawal (Autopay). There is a 3% service charge for every credit card transaction.

  What is AUTOPAY and do I have to sign up for it?

  Autopay is the payment method used where your dancer’s monthly tuition comes out of your credit card or checking account automatically on the first of every month. The only other option we provide beside autopay is to pay for the entire school year up front before you begin. When you sign up for autopay in August it is good through June. After June, you will have to re-register each year. Autopay will not continue unless you sign up for another session.

  What costs are associated with recital?

  Costumes, tights, and recital tickets. Parents are required to purchase costume and tights for each class in which their child perform. The costumes are ordered in December and are distributed in April. Invoices for costume purchases will be provided throughout the season. Our goal is to provide a professional performance experience for both our students and the audience. Costume are an essential part of the presentation; therefore, many steps are taken to assure each costume is ready for the performance when you receive it.

 Why do we have to pay for recital tickets?

  We use the proceeds from the sale of recital tickets to pay for the costs of the recital itself. Our studio uses these proceeds to rent the auditorium for all rehearsals and recitals and pay for the lighting technician, custodial over-time, security, and numerous other expenses associated with the event. While annual tuition payments cover the overhead of our business, the proceeds from ticket sales are necessary to produce the recital.


  What if I have questions or concerns?

  Our dedicated and qualified staff are ready and waiting to answer any questions or address any concerns at any time.  We strive to provide a positive and memorable experience for you and your child. Call, email or approach the front desk for help.

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